Political Ecology Panel for ASEASUK, 16-18th September 2016 , SOAS, Russel Sq, London.

Political ecology is an analytical approach used across disciplines that combines political economy and cultural ecology (Robbins 2004) and that provides trans-disciplinary frameworks that apply methods of political economy to ecological contexts (Gossling, 2003). Political ecology considers the environment as critical to our understanding of the relationship between the social and environmental disparities that are experienced unequally. With a strong emphasis on understanding conflicts and power dynamics, insights into how some actors are privileged, while others remain marginalized in their access to and control over natural resources and the implications for the environment, are disentangled. This panel will unpick some of the complex relations between nature and society and in particular the impact of global political and economic process on local environments in South East Asia.

This panel will address some of the pertinent political ecology issues affecting South East Asia as the drive for economic development privileges the economy of some over the environment of many  including water supplies, coastal defense systems, the global tourism industry resilience and community adaptive strategies among others. Using a variety of up-to date case studies, it will unpick the power dynamics that underlie some of the environmental injustices experienced in South East Asia. It will provide a forum to network among scholars pursuing similar interests from across the globe.

For more information please contact Stroma Cole: Stroma.Cole@uwe.ac.uk

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