Call for organizing the second POLLEN conference in 2018

In July 2016, the first POLLEN biannual conference will be held in Wageningen, the Netherlands.  The theme of the conference is on Political Ecologies of Conflict, Capitalism and Contestation (PE-3C). Since the idea is that POLLEN organizes a conference every 2 years, the next POLLEN conference will be held in 2018. We hereby invite any (current or future) POLLEN node(s) interested in organizing the next conference to prepare a short pitch (3 to 5 minutes) for the POLLEN Roundtable in Wageningen, at 09.30 hours on 8 July. In the pitch, please explain why you believe that your node (or group of nodes) should organize the next conference, which themes you would like to highlight at the conference and how you will use the conference to further the network. Please send an email to if you want to use this opportunity.