Workshop CfP ‘Transformations: Engaging Radical Democracy in Kurdistan’, abstract deadline 16 September

Emancipatory Transformations: Engaging Radical Democracy in Kurdistan is the title of a workshop that will be convened in Brighton and at the University of Sussex, UK from 3-4 November 2016. As described in the call, this two-day workshop aims to bring together a diverse group of activists and researchers to mutually learn, explore, share, and think of future possibilities for direct democracy and democratic confederalism through the examination of real-world grounded examples from contemporary movements in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) and Bakur (Northern Kurdistan), with careful consideration of the historical context and dynamics of contemporary and past struggles and challenges.

We invite submissions and expressions of interest in participation from researchers, activists, visual artists, filmmakers and others that explore these transformations through a focus on grounded perspectives and practices, situated in broader social, historical, political and ecological context. Specific thematic foci for may include, but are not limited to:

  • Radical democracy and democratic confederalism
  • Gender and women’s movements
  • Pluralism in political practice
  • Economic transformations
  • Social and political ecology
  • Solidarity across social movements within the region or across the world (including movements incorporating principles from/like those of democratic confederalism outside of Kurdistan)

The deadline for abstracts is close of business on 16 September 2016. For the full call, abstract submission guidelines and schedule updates, please see the full workshop CfP at For specific questions, contact Amber Huff ( or Harriet Dudley (

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