Mining, indigenous peoples and land-use conflicts: A North-South meeting

EN: The last decade was marked by an increase in indigenous mobilizations questioning mining operations around the world. Temporary increases in mineral prices due to demands from China and other emerging economies, new technology and legislative and policy changes are among the factors involved in the expansion of mining. Coincidentally, many of the territories with new mining operations –and with high levels of conflict- are inhabited by indigenous peoples.

It can be argued that opposition to mining is taking the shape of a global social movement in which environmental and indigenous’ rights activists converge, although the goals of indigenous communities more often than not, diverge from the goals advanced by environmentalists. Mining activities in some cases result in violations of human rights, including the collective rights of indigenous peoples. Despite the obvious differences between local struggles, strategies and demands from indigenous peoples, two key claims connect them around the world: the right to self-determination and the right to be consulted. In this panel indigenous representatives from Latin America will meet with indigenous representatives from the Sámi communities in Norway to discuss and exchange views, common challenges and opportunities. We will also explore possibilities to form alliances between academics and activists to advance alternative views and positions regarding mining.

NO: I dette møtet skal urfolks aktivister fra Guatemala og Colombia som protesterer mot gruvedrift møte Sami aktivister for å utveksle erfaringer og styrke nettverket.

Arrangør: European network in political ecology (POLLEN) and Latinamerika gruppene i Norge (LAG)

Friday October 28, 2016 14:30 – 16:00
Kulturhuset: Laben
  • English English events
  • Arrangør European network in political ecology (POLLEN) and Latinamerika gruppene i Norge (LAG)

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