Reminder for POLLEN nodes: contact person

Dear POLLEN members,

After the first and very successful POLLEN conference last summer in Wageningen, we feel it is important to keep momentum. As the secretariat of POLLEN, we would like to be of service to the political ecology community by increasing the role of POLLEN as a clearing house for political ecology news, events, happenings and content. By doing so, we also hope to help the nodes that are the basis of POLLEN to reach out to the community.

Therefore, we want to ask you to send us your node’s news items, blogs, vacancies, or whatever else you wish to share. We would like to do this every month, after which we will collect this in a newsfeed or newsletter and we will send it around to various relevant list serves (including EANTH, CRIT-GEO and others). In order to enable us to do this, could you please let us know:

1. Who from your node we can send this monthly reminder to;

2. His/her email address.

In addition to this, we have recently set up the first working group (teaching), in which you can share your teaching materials, see Moreover, we started the Political Ecology Handbook, where we can all inform scholars interested in (certain themes of) political ecology, see You can, of course, add to these new initiatives and we would be pleased if you do so.

We look forward to hearing from you. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any queries, thank you.

Best wishes,

The Pollen secretariat

Wageningen University, the Netherlands

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