Uneven Earth

Utopian dreamers, other-worldly explorers and psychonautic adventurers, scholars, activists, students, and critics: we are officially inviting submissions for a new collaborative writing project that combines critical perspectives and creative possibilities. Drawing inspiration from Uneven Earth (http://www.unevenearth.org/), an online magazine for political ecology established in 2015, we are excited to announce the launch of a new section dedicated to science-fiction and utopian imaginings. The goal of this new section will be to regularly showcase new, original, creative and critical reflections to foster intimate and productive conversations across the intellectual and creative arts.

Submission Criteria:

There are no strict guidelines for submission in regards to content, format or length although we will maintain editorial oversight of submissions. While shorter pieces up to 2,500 words may be most suitable, we are happy to consider longer pieces, especially as they explore the creative possibilities of such a genre-melding forum. We are particularly interested in pieces that engage with the themes of:

  • Climate, social and environmental justice

  • Feminist and queer theory

  • Critical race studies

  • De-colonialism

  • Anti-capitalist politics (socialist, anarchist, etc.)

  • Post-capitalist ecologies

Examples of pieces that we would ideally consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Utopian dreams and/or dystopian nightmares: explorations of queer, feminist, decolonial, afro-futurist, anarchist, luxury communist, degrowth, and post-capitalist ecologies.

  • Conversations between science fiction and political ecology, social, environmental and climatic justice.

  • Critical analysis of academic and science fiction literature, either old or new.

  • Thought pieces blending science fiction and contemporary social, economic, and political struggles.

  • Fictional renderings of field experiences and/or relevant research topics.

In order to submit a piece, please send us an email to ruins[at]unevenearth.org which includes:

  • A short paragraph about your idea/topics

  • A short paragraph about yourself and your motivation to publish with the blog

Deadline: Friday, September 22 (Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, thoughts, or ideas, and forward this call for submissions to your own networks. Please find a longer call for submissions and a the poster attached.

Much love and happy world building!

-Claire, Aaron, Hannah, Dylan, Elliot and Mario

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