THANK YOU from Wageningen and welcome to Lancaster!

Dear POLLEN members,

From now on, the Lancaster Environment Centre at the Lancaster University is taking over the POLLEN secretariat! We from Sociology of Development and Change, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, want to thank everybody for being a part in this great and important initiative for the last 2.5 years. We have had the honor of being central to setting POLLEN up and to work with many inspiring political ecologists from all over the world. As has been the plan from the start, POLLEN was established as a participatory platform for political ecologists world-wide to voice their ideas and get in touch with each other, in a field that gets more important every day. One of the highlights has been to organize the first POLLEN Conference in 2016, where we welcomed close to 450 people from around the world to debate many important issues around the themes ‘Conflict, Capitalism and Contestation’. Right now, we are very excited about and looking forward to the second biannual POLLEN conference, which will be held from 20-22 June 2018 in Oslo (see: for the CfP).

Of course, this is no goodbye: we will stay actively involved in future POLLEN activities and continue to assist where we can. For now, we wish Lancaster a very good time as the new POLLEN secretariat!

Thank you all and best wishes,

Stasja Koot

Bram Büscher

Rob Fletcher

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