Post-doc opportunity: political ecologies of water infrastructure

12-month post-doc position based in the Geography Department, Trinity College Dublin
The research project is based in Ireland and looks at Group Water Schemes (rural, community-managed water infrastructures). As well as learning more about how these localized water systems have developed and responded to changing political economic, demographic and environmental conditions and pressures, the aim of the project is to generate theoretical insights concerning the material politics of water infrastructure more generally (and thus relates to a broad body of infrastructure literature coming from political ecology, science and technology studies, and anthropology in recent years). While a research background in water and/or infrastructure is desirable it is not essential.
Post Summary
The EPA-funded research project WISDOM (Group Water Schemes: Community Infrastructure for Sustainable Development) based in the Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin, is seeking to appoint a Research Fellow (Post-Doctoral Researcher) working in the fields of political ecology and/or science and technology studies, preferably with a research interest in the core themes of water and/or infrastructure. The position is offered for 12 months on a Full-Time basis. The WISDOM project will examine the phenomenon of Group Water Schemes in Ireland within the context of: (1) complex political economic pressures, regulatory demands, and changing environmental conditions; (2) current theoretical debates on the material politics of infrastructures within political ecology, science and technology studies, and anthropology. Group Water Schemes are community-managed water infrastructures that provide drinking water to approximately 7% of the Irish population. While Group Water Schemes are often understood as a minor, even residual component of Ireland’s water system, this project approaches them as potentially important sites for re-thinking key questions relating to the political ecologies of water and infrastructure.
The position starts on 31st March and closing date for applications is 3rd January.
Further information is available here or email pbresnih[at] with any questions.

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