Capitalist Floods in the Pacific Islands

ENTITLE blog - a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

by Fabio Papetti 

Climate change impacts in Pacific Island Nations affect stability and livelihoods of the islanders. Dominant narratives depoliticize their condition and do not provide structural solutions; therefore, we need new concepts to make visible the violence of the system


Pacific Climate Warriors are taking the lead to fight the fossil fuel economy and to show their resilience despite mainstream narratives about them (source: Green Left)

Since at least a decade, the Pacific Islands Nations (PINs) have raised their voices on the impelling issue of climate change. At the recent COP23 2017 in Bonn, they have been calling for a complete shutdown of the fossil fuel economy, considered as the main way to curb the anthropogenic causes of sea level rise (SLR) which is directly affecting the stability and livelihoods of the islanders. However, while PINs struggle for international visibility, mainstream media and policy-makers are addressing…

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