In memory of James O’Connor (1930-2017) – I part

ENTITLE blog - a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

What follows are six contributions (divided into two posts) by scholars and activists who responded to a call circulated via the ENTITLE network in November 2017, shortly after James O’Connor’s death. Our intent was to solicit personal reflections and memories on how O’Connor had influenced people who encountered his work in different ways and across three different generations.

james o connor James O’Connor in 1978 (photo courtesy of the UC-Santa Cruz Digital Collections)

Joan Martínez Alier

Before I met Jim O’Connor in person, sometime in early 1989 in the beautiful campus of Santa Cruz of the University of California, I had read already his anticipatory book The Fiscal Crisis of the State of 1973 and the introduction that he wrote to the first issue of Capitalism, Nature, Socialism in 1988 on the “second contradiction of capitalism”. He edited this journal with Barbara Laurence for some years, until bad health made him to stop…

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