The Jacobin’s eco-modernist dilemma

ENTITLE blog - a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

by Stefania Barca

The answers to the climate crisis and to an ecological socialism must be searched for, not in ecomodernism, but  in the intersection of ecological, feminist, and socialist perspectives.

Editors’ note: This is the second in a series of ENTITLE blog articles that critically engage with the ongoing discussions about “eco-modernist socialism” and “communist futurism”, projected in Jacobin magazine’s climate change issue ‘Earth, Wind, and Fire.’  Our series continues the debate with critical insights that question the foundations of these proposals. In particular, whether they imply a substantive transformation of current capitalist socio-ecological regimes, or their continuation and even expansion. The series began with an article by Aaron Vansintjan and will also feature contributions by Eric Pineault and Emanuele Leonardi

The Jacobin’s Earth Wind and Fire issue has raised justified concerns from within the ecosocialist family, in view of its marked ecomodernist ethos. I share this concern about…

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