More Shamans, less intolerance! An Indigenous Manifesto at Berlin Film Festival

ENTITLE blog - a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

by Felipe Milanez

The premier of the movie Ex-Shaman by Luiz Bolognesi at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival becomes the occasion for spreading a manifesto by Indigenous People of Brazil denouncing racism, violence and the loss of traditional knowledge: Shamans must exist and be respected, before it is too late, the world is devoid of spirituality and the Skies fall upon our heads
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The magic of the forest came to the winter of Berlin, bringing stories of violence and genocide, of evangelical proselytism, intolerance and ethnocide. The documentary film Ex-Shaman, directed by Luiz Bolognesi, got the Special Mention Documentary Award Jury at the Berlinale. It tells the story of a shaman who lost his powers when his people Paiter-Suruí, Amerindian of the Amazon, are converted by missionaries. Following every screening at the Festival, a manifesto against intolerance signed by 27 indigenous leaders and shamans and 15 indigenous…

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