Job opportunity: Professorship in Human Geography, University of Trier

The faculty of regional and environmental sciences at the University of Trier is looking to fill following position:

W1-Professorship for Human Geography (Urban and Regional Transformations)

In accordance to “Beamtenverhältnis auf Zeit”. A Tenure-Track option towards a permanent W2 Professorship is available

As a Professor in Human Geography, you will provide leadership in both
research and teaching. Your research expertise should be in the realm of urban
and regional transformation and sustainable development. Experience in both
empirical research and conceptual/theoretical debates are required. Candidates
should have an excellent track-record in geographical debates that span across
space and politics, proven through international publications and the proven
ability to successfully acquire funding through research grants or third-party
sources. The candidate is expected to work closely with the Governance and
Sustainability Lab at the University of Trier. Teaching will include Lectures and
Seminars in Human Geography for Bachelors and Masters of Science and
education for degree seeking students. The Master’s program “Environmental
Sciences”, which is taught in English, might also be part of the teaching.
The ability to, and experience in teaching on a university level is required, and
proof of such is expected to be provided by candidates in their application.
Interdisciplinary teaching and research methods is beneficial to candidates in the
selection process. For more information about formal employment conditions,
please refer to § 55 Hochschulgesetz Rheinland-Pfalz.

The selection process will be conducted in accordance to § 49 and § 54
Hochschulgesetz Rheinland-Pfalz. Exemplary educational and research skills
are required and proof of such is to be provided by the candidates.
The professorship will be awarded (according to § 55 HochSchG) for three
years, with an extension for another three years, if the interim evaluation has
been successful. Following this, a permanent W2-professorship is foreseen (Bes.
Gr. W2 LBesG), if the holder of the professorship proved to be successful in an internal evaluation process and if she/he meets jurisdictional requirements. See
§ 50 Abs. 5 Satz 3 HochSchG.

Rheinland-Pfalz and the University of Trier represent an educational concept
which highlights the importance of advising and supporting students. Thus, we
expect a high personal presence at the university campus. The University of
Trier would like to encourage women to submit their applications, in accordance
to the University’s effort to increase the number of women in research and
teaching positions. Persons with disabilities will be considered with preferred
status in the application process.

Candidates’ applications must be written in English, a very good command of the
German Language is however necessary. Expected are a resumé (CV),
academic certificates (Diploma, etc.), a list of publications (sorted by reviewed
and unreviewed), a list of presentations (sorted by invited and contributed), a list
of previous teaching activities (including evaluations), a list of the five most
relevant papers, and lastly, a description of current and future research

Please send applications in printed and electronic form (digital versions as PDF
Files) to Prof. Dr. Thomas Udelhoven ( no later than

Please Mail printed documents to: Universität Trier, Dean of Faculty VI, 54286
Trier. We ask that candidates send their applications without binders or folders
as they will be copied.

Documents should not be notarized since they will not be returned. All
Documents will be destroyed after the selection process has been completed.
Please find the legally binding German version of the job offer here

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