Naomi Klein: “We need a counter-narrative that explains the people’s plan” (Part II)

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Professors Self-Assembled in Solidarity Resistance (PAReS)*

In the second part of this two-part interview, renowned journalist and activist Naomi Klein speaks with PAReS about the struggles for multiple sovereignties, the importance of weaving historical struggles with current movements, and the role of diasporas in supporting these movements. Read the first part of the interview here,

Sovereignty: people’s power rooted in caring for each other and the earth. Image:

PAReS: Recently you went to Barcelona, where there is a strong political struggle over national sovereignty, often presented in terms of “what is more important”, national independence or an anti-capitalist struggle. Based on your experiences in different territories where these debates exist, what is your take on this?

Naomi: I don’t think that Catalunya has a colonial relationship with Spain. Quebec is itself a colonial formation that stole land from indigenous people. So one of the issues where there…

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