III Latin American Congress of Political Ecology

III Congresso Latinamericano de Ecologia Política
III Latin American Congress of Political Ecology

5-9 Novembro, 2018

Cahoeira e Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

Insurgências Decolonias e Horizontes Emancipatórios
Decolonial insurgences and emancipatory horizons

The Latin American Network of Political Ecology, through the organizing committee of the III Latin American Congress of Political Ecology, invites the academic community and social movements to participate in this meeting, which will be held in Cachoeira and Salvador, in the state of Bahia, Brazil, from November 5th to 9th, 2018.

The main theme of the congress deals with the turbulent times faced by Latin America, with the emergence of authoritarian and neoliberal governments and the acceleration of extrativist policies and the desnationalization of natural resources. Facing this reaccionary turn, decolonial insurgences and struggles emerge, regathering emancipatory horizons, new resistance ecologies that reconfigure the libertatory praxis.

With its critical strength, the decolonial latin American political ecology has been an innovative paradigm to resist this reaccionary turn and to empower processes of emancipation  and libertation.

Within this urgent political context, the Congress aims to create a space for encounters and convergences between emancipatory thought and practices, between academy, social movements and activism.

The congress pays tribute to Hector Alimonda (1949-2017), who in his lifetime promoted Latin American critical thought through political ecology and through the struggle against the ‘persistent coloniality that affects Latin American nature. It also homages popular environmental political leaderships that, in their own historical moments and with their own forces, were able to build up collective perspectives of emancipatory ecological struggles. These include Chico Mendes, murdered 30 years ago, on December 22nd 1998, Maria and Zé Claudio, murdered in 2011, and Berta Carceres, murdered on March 3rd 2016.

The congress is organized by the Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia (UFRB), gathering a network of collaboration with other Brazilian universities (UFBA, UFABC, UNB, UNIFESP), Chilean universities (UCN, FAU-UC) and social movements (MAM, APIB, CNS).

More information on the conference website, here.

**With apologies from the POLLEN secretariat for the late posting of the CFP for this exciting conference**

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