May Monthly Newsletter

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Dear POLLEN members and friends (with apologies for X-posting),

Greetings! We hope this finds you well. Here’s another month’s worth of interesting blog posts, publications and opportunities. We are especially excited to have so many new member nodes this month – if you are involved in political ecology, why not consider joining too?

Here at the secretariat we are still working on bringing you a new POLLEN website, and we are looking for suitable photos and artwork to represent POLLEN and its members. Do you have images that represent ‘political ecology in action’? Would you be happy for us to use them (with full attribution)? If so, please get in touch!

Happy scrolling!


From our friends at Entitle:

Radicalizing the Ecological Transition. Reflections on “Lavoro Natura Valore: André Gorz tra marxismo e decrescita” by Emanuele Leonardi, by Alice Dal Gobbo

Naomi Klein: “We need a counter-narrative that explains the people’s plan” (Part I and Part II) by PAReS – Professors Self-Assembled in Solidarity Resistance

Utopias against modernity: Huxley, Serreau and the making of non-capitalist ecologies
by Rocío Hiraldo

The dystopian world of The Handmaid’s Tale by Júlia Hosta Cuy


Barca, S. and Leonardini, E. (2018) ‘Working-class ecology and union politics: a conceptual topology.’ Globalizations. 15 (4) 487-503.

Part of a whole special issue, including some open access papers, on Labour in the web of life


Dunlap, A. (2018) Review of Los Zetas Inc.: Criminal Corporations,

Energy, and Civil War in Mexico. NACLA Report on the Americas. 50(1); 106-108


Dunlap, A. (2018) ‘Insurrection for land, sea and dignity: resistance and autonomy against wind energy in Álvaro Obregón, Mexico.’ Journal of Political Ecology. 25: 120-143


Jakobsen, J. (2018) ‘Neoliberalising the food regime ‘amongst its others’: the right to food and the state in India.’ Journal of Peasant Studies.


Sullivan, S. 2018 ‘Dissonant sustainabilities? Politicising and psychologising antagonisms in the conservation-development nexus.’  Working paper at Future Pasts.

Our Wageningen node has recently published a special issue of Conservation and Society on “Political Ecologies of Green Wars’.
POLLEN members and followers might be interested in the latest issue of Human Ecology which has a special focus on constitutionality and bottom-up governance building.


Call for volunteers: the HIMALAYAN DEEP ECOLOGY think tank would like to invite contributions on the theme of human resilience for co-existence with big cats in Nepal Himalaya

CFP: The Question of Tactics in an Age of Authoritarian Neoliberalism, Caucus for a New Political Science, Texas, February 2019

Job opportunity: Professorship in Human Geography, University of Trier

Job opportunity: Senior Lecturer in Rural Development in Sweden and Europe, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

PhD opportunity: Narrative and nuclear materials, Lancaster University

Postdoc Opportunity: Extractive industries, transparency and citizen engagement, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Wageningen SDC group was just awarded 1.3 million from the Belmont Forum and NORFACE for the following project: CON-VIVA: Towards Convivial Conservation: Governing Human-Wildlife Interactions in the Anthropocene

NEW NODES – Welcome to POLLEN!

We are thrilled to welcome so many new nodes this month, and would like to encourage all our members to invite your colleagues and contacts to join POLLEN – especially partner institutions beyond our Eurocentric focus!

Bikash Adhikari, Himalayan Wilderness Awareness, Nepal

Carl Middleton, Centre for Social Development Studies, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Élise Lépy, University of Oulu, Finland

Francis Massé, University of Sheffield, UK

Hannah Boast, Department of English Literature, University of Birmingham, UK

Jen Bond, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Kate Symons, Centre for African Studies, University of Edinburgh, UK

Kirit Patel, Menno Simons College, Canadian Mennonite University & University of Winnipeg, Canada

Madhu Thapa, Forum for Nature Protection, Nepal

Mary Mostafanezhad, Department of Geography, University of Hawai’i at Manoa


Best wishes until next time,

Katharine Howell, Ben Neimark, John Childs, Simon Batterbury, Patrick Bigger, James Fraser & Giovanni Bettini, Guy Crawford

POLLEN secretariat, Lancaster University



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