Call for papers: 2018 Eric Wolf Prize

** Posted on behalf of the Political Ecology Society (PESO) **

Announcement for the 2018 Eric Wolf Prize

The Political Ecology Society (PESO) announces the 2018 Eric Wolf Prize for the best article-length paper.  We seek papers based in substantive field research that make an innovative contribution to political ecology.  Clear links to specific political ecology ideas and literature are important.  To be eligible for the competition, scholars must be no more than two years past the Ph.D..  A cash prize of $500 accompanies the award, which will be presented together with delivering the paper at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology (the committee is open to discussing arrangements for presenting the award at an alternative meeting as suited to the winning candidate).  The paper will be published in the Journal of Political Ecology; the prize reviewers may suggest revisions before the item is published.

The preferred format for papers is electronic.  (But, please contact us, if you need to send in some other format.)  Please use the style guidelines provided on the Journal of Political Ecology webpage: .

Electronic copies should be sent to Dr. Thomas K. Park ( ).

The deadline for submission is Aug.15, 2018, midnight Arizona time (Pacific time in August).

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