Call for participants: Hidden Figures and the Worlding of Global Environmental Politics

Call for Panel Participation on:

“Hidden Figures and the Worlding of Global Environmental Politics”

International Studies Association 60th Annual Convention

March 27-30, 2019. Toronto, Canada

Worlding means realizing the situatedness of our own knowledge and, thus, how it is constitutive of our worlds. The task of “worlding” aims  at unearthing what is hidden or obscured -actors, places, ecosystems, times, and processes- while also discovering why and howour concepts, theories, research designs and findings do not account for them. This move requires that we, as scholars, recognize that we are always making worlds. This panel gathers a group of scholars who reflect on their own ways of thinking about global environmental politics, and in this process, have identified a number of ways in which something or someone can be hidden.  In some cases, someone or something can be totally obscured to all perspectives at particular points in time. In other cases hiding takes place in making something or someone visible in particular ways that make certain aspects of their existence invisible. In still other ways, hiding takes place in the process of trying to unhide, when criticizing certain approaches reinforces their hegemony and hidesalternatives that would benefit from more research. In this sense, hidden figures can be considered as a methodology for worlding global environmental politics.

Please email Cristina Inoue at or Dimitris Stevis at by May 27th.

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