The REDD debate: Some published studies on local impacts of REDD in various countries


Editor’s note: The below post is a follow up to a recent text published on these pages about REDD and how “Norwegian climate policy affects the poorest”.

Written by Hanne Svarstad and Tor A. Benjaminsen

Based on our published research on REDD in Tanzania (here, here and here), we wrote an opinion piece in Norway’s biggest newspaper Aftenposten (English version here). This has led to a debate with the Norwegian Minister for climate and environment, Ola Elvestuen. In his latest response to us, he claims that our critique of REDD and Norwegian funding of forest conservation as climate mitigation is based on only one case study, and which in addition is not representative.

Below, we provide the links to a few other studies of cases in different parts of the world with similar conclusions when it comes to insufficient compensation for lost access to forest products…

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