Day 1 of 4: Bristol to Oslo

Notes from the Pollen Train Tour – a group of European academics travelling to the POLLEN18 conference by train, sea and bus to try and reduce our environmental impact…

Low Carbon Academic

I am embarking on the longest train journey I have completed to date, and yesterday was the start of it.

I decided to try and get to Oslo to attend a conference about 6 months ago. Unfortunately, because the journey is so long, I would need to stay in three different cities along the way (Brussels and Copenhagen), so I chose to fly. I had my tickets booked, a coach journey from Bristol to London Heathrow and accommodation sorted for my arrival. Suddenly, with an email from some like-minded individuals attending the conference, my plans changed. Colleagues in Brussels and Copenhagen were offering to put people up in their homes if we were taking the train.

After looking at all the available options for the travel, I worked out the cheapest option would be to get a 7-days in 30-days Interrail (Eurail for any American readers) pass. I would need…

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