Day 1 & 2: Oslo to Wageningen

Thoughts on the return Train Tour from POLLEN18 to Wageningen Summer School…

Low Carbon Academic

I have just completed the 2nd stage of my long overland journey around northern Europe, from Oslo in Norway, down to Wageningen in the Netherlands, ready for a PhD summer school. After a brief day of rest, the summer school has started and it’s time to blog the experience.

The journey, I thought, would be a nice simple one, with only two trains on the first day and four on the second day. It did not go to plan.

The first day, I decided to journey to the Oslo Sentralstasjon a couple of hours early. I had to check out of my Airbnb reasonably early anyway, and my train would be leaving at 13:01 for Göteborg. I arrived, bought myself some food, did some last minute souvenir shopping to get rid of my last Norwegian Kroner. I figured it would be worth checking the NSB (Norwegian Railways) website to check…

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