Decolonizing Conservation

We are delighted to share these two inspiring and challenging keynote talks, co-written by Paige West and John Aini, which were presented by Paige at the POLLEN18 conference and by John at the International Marine Conservation Congress.

Paige West

Aini West prof shot

(John Aini and Paige West, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Photo by JC Salyer)


In June 2018 John Aini and Paige West presented joint keynote lectures at The International Marine Conservation Congress in Kuching, Malaysia and The POLLEN (Political Ecology Network) Biennial Conference in Oslo, Norway. John presented their lecture in Kuching and Paige presented their lecture in Oslo. They wrote a single paper together in May 2018 and then worked independently (sitting across a table from each other on both Nago and Nusa Islands, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea) to translate the single paper into two lectures for two very different audiences. Their goal was to talk about their on-going collaboration and the work they have been doing for the past decade to “decolonize conservation.”

Aini and West understand that many indigenous scholars have written about decolonization and decolonizing methodology – their practice draws on this work. They…

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