Journal of Political Ecology special section on power in political ecology, and other new articles in Vol. 25

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Vol. 25 of Journal of Political Ecology [free to read, free to publish, a voluntary effort, no corporate publishers –  Scopus Citescore 2017: 2.66 – 51/605 in Geography/Planning/Development, 10/347 Anthropology, 17/461 Pol.Sci. & IR] ‘Special section on Power in Political Ecology’ At bottom of

Journal of Political Ecology – University of Arizona

Hanne Svarstad, Tor A. Benjaminsen, Ragnhild Overå (eds.) Special section on Power in Political Ecology. Journal of Political Ecology 25: 350-425.

1) Svarstad H., T.A. Benjaminsen and R. Overå. 2018. Power theories in political ecology. Journal of Political Ecology 25: 350-363.

2) Zhang, Q. 2018. Managing sandstorms through resettling pastoralists in China: how multiple forms of power govern the environment at/across scales. Journal of Political Ecology 25: 364-380.

3) Ahlborg, H. and A.J. Nightingale 2018. Theorizing power in political ecology: the ‘where’ of power in resource governance projects. Journal of Political Ecology 25: 381-401.

4) Cavanagh, C.J. 2018. Political ecologies of biopower: diversity, debates, and new frontiers of inquiry. Journal of Political Ecology 25: 402-425.


Other new articles, 2018 –

Political ecology of asymmetric ecological knowledges: diverging views on the eucalyptus-water nexus in the Taita Hills, Kenya

Johanna Hohenthal, Marinka Räsänen, Paola Minoia


A study in dispossession: the political ecology of phosphate in Tunisia

Mathieu Rousselin


A cartography of dispossession: assessing spatial reorganization in state-led conservation in Saadani, Tanzania

Alejandra Orozco-Quintero, Leslie King


Testing the water, challenging the narratives of sustainable development: student volunteer research promoting public health in rural Panama in the shadow of an “eco-playground”

William L. Alexander


Environmental remediation and its discontents: the contested cleanup of Vieques, Puerto Rico

Katherine T McCaffrey


Permacultures of transformation: steps to a cultural ecology of environmental action

Thomas Henfrey, Lucy Ford


Insurrection for land, sea and dignity: resistance and autonomy against wind energy in Álvaro Obregón, Mexico

Alexander Dunlap


From colonial fortresses to neoliberal landscapes in Northern Tanzania: a biopolitical ecology of wildlife conservation

Jevgeniy Bluwstein


WHO guidelines challenged in Botswana: traditional medicine between healing, politics and witchcraft

Klaus Geiselhart


Narrating technonatures: discourses of biotechnology in a neoliberal era

Myles Carroll


Reinterpreting energy poverty in Zimbabwe: a scalar perspective

Ellen Fungisai Chipango


“Grow what you eat, eat what you grow”: urban agriculture as middle class intervention in India

Camille Frazier


Conflict ecologies: Connecting political ecology and peace and conflict studies

Philippe LeBillon, Rosaleen V Duffy


Looking beyond the idyllic representations of the rural: The Konkan Railway controversy and middle-class environmentalism in India

Sreeja Jaiswal


‘It’s very not fair’: Maize, money, and moral economies in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania

Natasha Alice Watts


Water driven Palestinian agricultural frontiers: the global ramifications of transforming local irrigation

Julie Trottier, Jeanne Perrier


El patrimonio biocultural maya-yucateco desde la perspectiva de la ecología política: el caso del huerto familiar en Chimay

Mauricio F. López Barreto, Francisco Iván Hernández Cuevas, Javier Becerril-García


(En)gendering exposure: pregnant farmworkers and the inadequacy of pesticide notification

Madison Barbour, Julie Guthman


Dr. Simon Batterbury |  Professor of Political Ecology, LEC, Lancaster University, UK, Europe.

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