Assembling a Movement for Real Democracy in Every Community – launch statement from Symbiosis

ENTITLE blog - a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

by Symbiosis Collective

We live in daunting times. Even as decisive, radical action to halt ecological devastation is needed more than ever before, the world’s ruling classes plow ahead, enriching themselves at the expense of people and planet and preparing their fortresses to hold back the coming tides. Our calls to action are infused with the fierce urgency of now like never before.

It is ordinary people who face devastation in the ecological crisis, and it is ordinary people who do not hold the reins of power. From climate change to state violence to gentrification, this is the essence of the problems we face: a crisis of democracy. When we organize, we can resist, but resistance is not governance. Even popularly elected governments disempower ordinary people, by placing an elite political class above us to rule on our behalf.

And so grassroots movements battle a many-headed monster. One eviction may…

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