New collaborative works on political ecology, authoritarianism, and populism

** With apologies for cross-posting **
On behalf of the Political Ecology Network (POLLEN) and our friends at the ENTITLE Writing Collaborative, we would like to draw your attention to some recent collaborative works on the subjects of Political Ecology, Authoritarianism, and Populism. We hope this work is relevant and helpful as a teaching tool particularly in the current political ‘climate emergency!’

The first is a primary output of a joint POLLEN writing initiative and part of a special issue: ‘Environmental Governance in a Populist/Authoritarian Era,’ edited by James McCarthy in the Annals of the Association of American Geographers:

Neimark B D, Childs J R, Nightingale A, Cavanagh C, Sullivan S, Benjaminsen T, Batterbury S, Koot S and W. Harcourt (2019). Speaking Power to ‘Post-Truth’: Critical Political Ecology and the New Authoritarianism. Annals of the Association of American Geographers

There are many other important pieces in the special issue, which are beginning to appear online and will be available in print in March 2019.
The second is a co-edited series by Amber Huff (STEPS/IDS/Uni. of Sussex, UK) and Levi Van Sant (Georgia Southern University, USA), builds off the collaborative Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI) project:
Authoritarianism, populism and political ecology, Amber Huff and Levi Van Sant (series introduction),
Environmental populisms – alongside and beyond (state) authority, Kai Bosworth,
Headless populism and the political ecology of alienation, Patrick Huff,
Should political ecology be populist? Diego Andreucci,
Reflections on Authoritarian Populism: Democracy, Technology and Ecological Destruction, Alexander Dunlap,
Please feel free to contact POLLEN to inquire about starting an academic node in the network– we are particularly encouraging new nodes from underrepresented regions in the Global South– and contribute to critical political ecology discussions on the dynamic ENTITLE Blog.
Ben Neimark, Connor Cavanagh, Amber Huff and John Childs

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