Travel policy reduces travel costs and CO2 emissions

From Jens Friis Lund at the University of Copenhagen:

In 2015, my department at University of Copenhagen created a simple travel policy that aimed to reduce travel costs and employees CO2 footprint from travelling. The policy sought to create awareness and to put a cap on numbers of flights financed by internal sources. Since it was put in place in late 2015, both direct transport costs and CO2 emissions from flying have been reduced by 15% per scientific staff year. Currently, our department is evaluating the possibilities for initiatives that can result in further reductions, e.g. no longer financing domestic flights, strongly encouraging employees to choose bus or train for destinations within 12 hours, and boosting video-conference facilities. The policy can be found here . I can also recommend Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies’ policy, which is more ambitious. There are no doubt many others.

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