How can we use blockchain for an eco-socialist transformation?

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By Defne Gonenc

There is a lot of excitement about blockchain among technology professionals. It is also celebrated by many for bringing more transparency to supply chains and promoting decentralized governance. However, can blockchain do more than this? Can this technology potentially open the door for a complete eco-socialist transformation? Yes, but how? Time for action and discussion.

Blockchain and Karl Marx Blockchain and Karl Marx: Question is how to use blockchain for an ecosocialist transformation. 2017. Image obtained from

A day barely goes by when we do not hear the word “blockchain”. Particularly last year, global interest in blockchain technology, as well as in cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence, has permeated many places. If you also keep hearing blockchain without knowing what really it is, it is a distributed and decentralized public ledger. In other words, it is public information (the block) stored in a public database (as a “chain”)…

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