The Amazon fires are Bolsonaro’s political crimes and call for urgent action

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By: Political Ecology from the South/Abya Yala Working Group of the Latin American Social Science Council (CLACSO)

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The recent images of fires in the Amazon, in Pantanal, Cerrado and Chaco as well as the smoke clouds hovering over São Paulo, are not mere coincidences of climate. They are the result of advances in neo-extractivism and deforestation, intensified by the criminal policies of Jair Bolsonaro’s government. This government is manipulating legal frameworks to promote vicious policies against the most basic human rights as well as against Nature Rights. The colossal rings of fire engulfing the Amazon are one of the most abhorrent chapters of his political crimes and deserve the most urgent and active repudiation by the entire international community.

From his electoral campaign (that took place between August and October), Bolsonaro has supported…

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