The POLLEN20 conference and concerns about COVID-19

The POLLEN20 organizing group has been receiving questions about whether the conference will go forward as planned. We understand people’s concerns, particularly as many institutions have implemented travel restrictions in recent days. Based on an informed discussion of the situation, we have released the following statement, which we have added to our FAQ section. This is particularly meant for people who have been accepted as part of organized sessions and are uncertain about whether they should take next steps and register.

In light of the rapidly changing and uncertain situation, the POLLEN20 organizing group is monitoring the COVID-19 situation carefully. Currently there are no plans to cancel or reschedule the conference. This may change, depending on guidance from the UK government, local authorities and out co-hosting institutions.

For people participating in accepted sessions who are wondering whether or not they should register, we highly recommend submitting final materials and going ahead with registration prior to the deadline in order to secure your place at the conference.  We do have plans in place to refund fees of people who may have visas refused or who are grounded due to travel restrictions associated with COVID-19.  

We regret we are not able to offer compensation for travel and accommodation that have been booked in what we feel is the unlikely event of the cancellation of the conference. Therefore please be mindful when making arrangements, booking travel and organising travel insurance. We will update this space with any changes to our position.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns. The organizing group can be reached at

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