Online conference: “Extraction: Tracing the Veins”

Free online conference on the political ecology of extraction: 29th June-10th July 

Massey University Political Ecology Research Centre and Wageningen University welcomes you to the free online conference “Extraction: Tracing the Veins”, kicking off on the 29th of June. The conference features more than 80 presentations from around the world spanning extractive policy, indigenous knowledge extraction, resistances to extraction, artistic responses to extraction, data extraction and more. 

Tune into the opening keynote session on 29th June to hear three renowned scholars talking about extraction and capitalism; indigenous knowledge and transitions to post-extraction futures; and extractive industry policy (Deanna Kemp; Jason W. Moore; Katharina Ruckstahl). 

New panel presentations will be released each day from 29th June–10th July. Listen in your own time and join the online conversation.

The entire conference is free and open to all; go to the conference website to learn more:

2 thoughts on “Online conference: “Extraction: Tracing the Veins”

  • This is a very interesting conference, but while it appears to be global and borderless it is not. There is a limit in terms of time zones. Staying awake or waking up at 1 in the morning is not possible for everyone, who lives in the ‘wrong’ time zone. Cutting it short: will this be recorded, so that people in other time zones can also tune in at a time convenient for them? Best, Nora


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