Second Edition – Online course: Herramientas teórico-conceptuales para el análisis de la crisis ambiental en América Latina [Theoretical-Conceptual Tools for the Analysis of the Socio-environmental Crisis in Latin America]

Duration: six weeks, started Monday, October 5th, but registration open until Monday, 12th of October.

Weekly live online lectures. Classes will be recorded and available after each session for all enrollees.

Language: Spanish

Professors: Marx José Gómez-Liendo and Raul Anthony Olmedo Nery (both are POLLEN members).

See the detailed description by visiting the course website.

Course Topics:

  • Ambiente, crisis y capitalismo. América Latina como escenario de conflictos socioambientales [Environment, Crisis, and Capitalism. Latin America as a scene of socio-environmental conflicts].
  • Ecología(s) Política(s) y Ecofeminismos(s) [Political Ecologies and Ecofeminisms].
  • ¿Es la crisis socioambiental una crisis del conocimiento? [Is the socio-environmental crisis a crisis of knowledge?].
  • Nueva ruralidad y nueva urbanidad. Crítica al desarrollo sostenible [New Rurality and New Urbanity. Criticism of Sustainable Development].
  • Megaproyectos: entre la regulación estatal y la protesta social. Las energías renovables: la paradoja del desarrollo [Megaprojects: Between state regulation and social protest. Renewable energies: the paradox of development].
  • Resistencias y re-existencias: un panorama de las alternativas civilizatorias [Resistance and (R)existence: An Overview of Civilizational Alternatives].

With this course, we hope every participant can expand their set of analytical tools to assess both public policies and development agendas, identifying and promoting participatory strategies and socially just and ecologically sustainable transitions.

Here you can find more information about costs, syllabus, and certification. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact

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