PhD Course: Pastoralism, conflict, and change

When: 19-22 October 2021

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Read brief description below and see flyer on this link.

The PhD course aims at presenting theoretical and empirical approaches relevant for scholarly work on pastoralism in the perspective of conflict and change. We will look into structural explanations of farmer-herder conflicts, including notions of scarcity and the political economy associated with pastoralism. It concerns land rights, land tenure and access, and social-spatial-temporal analysis of how land policies affect pastoralists. It also includes work on conflict theory and conflict dynamics as well as climate change adaptation, uncertainty and resilience. 

The course is relevant for PhD students who are examining and trying to understand how cattle, conflict, environmental change and the wider political economies contribute to shaping the conditions for pastoralism. The PhD course includes lectures from leading scholars on pastoralism, conflict, and change, and offers opportunities for participants to present and discuss their own research and to interact and engage with scholars and students undertaking studies on similar, or related, topics. The course concludes with a half-day public seminar. 

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