CALL FOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS – African Geographical Review

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  1. Associate Editor—Human Geography
  2. Associate Editor—Physical Geography
  3. Associate Editor—Geospatial

Background to the Journal

The African Geographical Review (AGR) is a leading international peer reviewed journal for geographical scholarship relating to Africa. It publishes the highest quality research in all fields of geography, including human, nature – society, physical and the techniques. The journal publishes several types of articles, including research manuscripts, commentaries, methodological notes, field notes, featured reflections, and book reviews.

The overall aims of the AGR are to enhance the standing of geography of and in Africa, to promote better representation of African scholarship, and to facilitate lively academic conversations regarding the African continent. 

We are proud to highlight that significant number of AGR submissions come from African scholars working globally and Institutions on the African continent.

  1. ROLE

The Associate Editors will work with the Chief Editor on all aspects of the African Geographical Review, a refereed journal published by Taylor & Francis, on behalf of the African Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers. The Associate Editors shall serve a 3-year term, and if interested and available, be re-appointed for a second 3-year term (for a maximum of 6-years). Associate Editors would have the opportunity to apply to become Chief Editor during their first or second term.

S/he must work hard to support the growth of the AGR which provides an excellent outlet for the publication of geographical material relating to Africa; enhancing the standing of African geography, and promoting a better representation of African scholarship. Additionally, s/he must commit themselves to ensuring that the journal maintains its reputation of publishing the best material on African geography scholarship. The Associate Editors work dutifully with the Chief Editor in the selection, editing, and publishing of all journal content.


The Editors report to the President of the ASG and regularly update the president on the status of the journal. Taylor & Francis is currently publishing the journal 4 times a year and will remain responsible for the marketing aspects of the journal. The Chief Editor and the Associate Editors will work with the publishers and the Editorial Board to ensure successful production of the AGR.  In particular, the editors will supply Taylor & Francis with manuscripts in a timely manner and work with the ASG Chair to ensure that ASG journal subscribers have timely access to the journal.

  1.   DUTIES
  2. Work in partnership with the Chief Editor, the AGR publishers, the ASG Chair, and the AGR Editorial Board, to define the overall strategic direction for the journal.
  3. Actively solicit manuscripts for journal issues.
  4. Maintain regular communication with the Editorial Board and attend an annual meeting of the Editorial Board to discuss journal review policies and procedures and the general direction of the journal.
  5. Conduct initial screening of all manuscripts and forward those that meet Journal criteria to selected reviewers.
  6. Work with authors to revise manuscripts based on reviewers’ comments and the editors’ recommendations for improvement (e.g., clarity, development of ideas, scholarly accuracy, overall quality, and compliance with publication guidelines). 
  7. Serve along with the Chief Editor as the primary liaison to authors.
  8. Return rejected manuscripts to authors with constructive formal letters.
  9. Coordinate journal production with the Chief Editor to ensure a regular production schedule.
  10. Together with the journal publishers and the Chief Editor, participate in journal promotion and development activities including sponsorships and other appropriate advertising.
  11. Perform other tasks as assigned by the Chief Editor.

The Associate Editors of the Journal must possess the following attributes:

  • Excellent communication (oral, written, and editing) skills
  • Be an active member of the AAG (ASG membership is an added advantage)
  • Be a scholar in good academic standing
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Have creative ideas and approaches to expand the journals reach and diversity


To apply for this position, please submit:

  • a letter of interest that details your qualifications for the position, the specific position (Human, Physical, or Geospatial) and a visionary statement as the future editor of the journal (2-page max).
  • a current curriculum vitae (5-page max)

The completed application should be received by Friday April 8th, 2022. Please submit electronic copies of your application to the Co-chairs of the Search Committee, Dr. Ben Neimark ( and Dr. Godwin Arku (

Arrangements will be made to interview candidates virtually in April/May, 2022. Please contact Dr Ben Neimark if you have any questions.

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