Announcement: POLLEN 2022/3 Pre-conference Asynchronous workshop timetable

Dear Pollinators,

We are pleased to announce the timeline and co-hosting arrangements for the upcoming asynchronous pre-conference workshops. Six of the seven prospective workshop arrangements are in varying stages of finalisation, while the seventh will be announced in due course. Please see the below workshop date, theme and co-host details:

POLLEN 2022/3 Pre-conference Asynchronous workshop timetable.

1.      Early July 2022 – Radical epistemologies and future natures, co-hosted by Amber Huff’s Future Natures Centre at the Institute for Development Studies, Sussex

2.      August 2022 – Political Ecology Across Boundaries, co-hosted by Francis Masse at Northumbria University, Brock Bersaglio at the University of Birmingham and Charis Ennis at the University of Manchester.

3.      Early September – Emotional Political Ecologies – Co-hosted Alice Beban at the PERC (MASSEY University), Sango Mahanty (Australian National University), and Sopheak Chann (Royal University of Phnom Penh).

4.      Late September – Political Ecology and Social Movements – co-hosted by the ‘PE and social movements collective, led by Ana Watson Jimenez at the University of Calgary and the Peruvian Node.

5.      October – Conservation and Agrarian Change – co-hosted by Sam Staddon and the University of Edinburgh node, in collaboration with Sayan Banerjee at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

6.      November – Blue ecologies – co-hosted by the ‘Blue ecologies collective’, led by Mark Lamont of the Open University and Emily Wiehe from the University of Guelph.

7.      To be announced – Political Ecology, Power and Institutions. Co-hosts TBA

As next steps co-hosts will begin to contact session organisers within their workshops. There will be a process to confirm presenters, accommodate those who submitted individual presentation proposals, and ensure that nobody has been missed out. We will need to make sure there is complete information of each of the sessions In each workshop, and then guidance for session organisers and individual presenters will be shared by the co-hosts.

Ahead of the workshops all asynchronous content will be forwarded to Lisa and Sedicka from African Agenda through the co-hosts, and the workshop webpages will added to the POLLEN 2022/3 website. Workshop details will then be shared, and the focus of the network will be on the session content for viewing and comment through the embedded discussion facility and twitter feeds in the website.

Finally, some collectives are emerging from these workshops, and we hope to build some dialogue on thematic issues towards the in person POLLEN in person conference next year. Specifically we are interested to build learnings on asynchronous conferencing for the network.

Our thanks go to the co-hosts for the enthusiasm with which they have taken these workshops on, and we look forward to engaging with you all in the asynchronous format later this year.

Adrian, Shauna and the Local Organising Committee.

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