Call for Papers – “Social and Cultural Aspects of Circular Economy”

Circular economy is a relatively new concept within the frame of sustainable development, despite having received significant attention within the scientific community. The world’s most populous country, China enacted a law to transform its economy based on principles of circular economy. The circular economy concept, however, has been criticized to be one-dimensional, lacking social and cultural aspects. In this project we aim to integrate culture, society and circular economy.

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Call for Contributors – Geography in the 21st Century: The Defining Moments that Shaped Society

This 2 volume reference encyclopedia, Geography in the 21st Century: Defining Moments that Shaped Society, explores important world events that defined the early 21st century. Topic entries will contextualize each event through a geographic perspective that demonstrates the importance of geography, and the significance and advantages derived from examining the modern world through a spatial lens. While critical perspectives are welcome, the encyclopedia is objective in nature, and geared toward high school and undergraduate level audiences.

We are looking for contributors to write topic-based entries of 5,500-6,000 words. The list of available topic entries is included below. Each entry will include seven sections: I. Overview II. Background III. Social, Political, Economic, and Environmental Impacts IV. Geography Matters V. Key Players VI. Further Readings VII. Sidebar (which should be no more than 300 words).

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CALL FOR PAPERS! Seeking contributions to a proposed edited book

Enforcing Ecological Catastrophe: The Police and Military as drivers of Climate Change and Ecocide.

Editors: Alexander Dunlap, Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo. Email:
Andrea Brock, Department of International Relations, University of Sussex. Email:

Abstracts are due: September 1st, 2020.
Chapters are due: January 31st, 2021.
Abstracts: 250 to 500 words.

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New Journal: Risk Society – Open Call

‘Transdisciplinary space for experimental praxis to advance new models for high-stakes, high-uncertainty scenarios’.

The newly founded journal Risk Society that will be launched in the Fall of 2020 has announced an open call for contributions. Deadline for submission is August 1, 2020. You can read about the journal and the call by opening the PDF document below or by visiting the journal website here.

Request for May Newsletter input!

Dear POLLEN friends,

The time has come to gather all the news across the network for this month’s newsletter. If you have any updates to share with POLLEN, please send it to by the 27th of May.

For registered nodes: we are encountering some technical difficulties, and have therefore not been able to send this request by e-mail. Please forward this post to colleagues if possible.

Looking forward to hearing your news,

POLLEN Secretariat

Vienna Degrowth Conference on Strategies for Social Ecological Transformation (online and free)

Registration for the (newly online) Vienna Degrowth Conference on Strategies for Social Ecological Transformation is now open!
The event will take place from 29 May – 1 June 2020. We are happy to share that participation is free of charge thanks to generous funding from different funding bodies and academic institutions. Visit website here or read more by clicking ‘read more’.

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