PhD position ‘New information technologies in agricultural water management and agrarian change’

Where: Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Deadline to apply: 25 September 2020

Do you want to find out how and why new information technologies in agricultural water management have resulted in agrarian transformation processes? What are the economic, political, cultural and technological drivers for these processes? To whom, how and why do new information technologies provide new agricultural opportunities?

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13 open PhD positions to offer in field of Water Governance

Dear friends,

Coordinated by VU Amsterdam we are starting a new international project, NEWAVE, on water governance & political ecology.

We have 13 open positions to offer in field of Water Governance, fully funded by the EU ITN program.

These positions relate to a variety of water challenges on multiple scales and focus on different countries.

The selected candidates will join an extensive and powerful transdisciplinary network with 29 organizations involved. The NEWAVE network has the ambition to push forward a transformative actionable agenda.

Candidates can apply through our website via the application form. They will need to comply with the eligibility criteria, bearing in mind that they might be eligible for certain positions while not for others, due to mobility rules.

The closing date for applications is 15 March 2020. Eligibility criteria and instructions for applying are available in the Guide for Applicants, as well as in the website recruitment section. Read more