CfP POLLEN18: Conservation in ‘violent environments’

Organizers: Esther Marijnen, Rosaleen Duffy (University of Sheffield), and Lotje de Vries (Wageningen University)

Abstract deadline: 01 December 2017

This panel focuses on the dynamics and politics of nature conservation in challenging, or so called ‘violent environments’ (Peluso and Watts, 2001). We aim to explore how ideas, concepts and theories in the critical conservation literature are challenged when applied to spaces where the (often violent) politics surrounding conservation is itself immersed within a larger violent environment. Recent debates in political ecology focus on the emergence and spread of ‘green violence’ (Büscher and Ramutsindela, 2016), ‘green wars’ (Ybarra, 2012; Büscher and Fletcher, forthcoming), ‘green militarisation’ (Lunstrum 2014; Duffy 2014) and the greening of counter-insurgency (Dunlap and Fairhead, 2014; Verweijen and Marijnen, 2016). Others have focussed on how these projects are re-produced via (social) media, embedded reporting and the involvement of celebrities in militarised conservation (Lunstrum, 2017; Büscher, 2016; Marijnen and Verweijen, 2017). This literature mostly focuses on the structural and symbolical forms of violence associated with ‘green militarisation’. However, an area which is overlooked and under researched is when and why armed conservation can turn into physical violence, and how other violent contestations feed into the conservation efforts.

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