Documentaries and Podcasts

Below you can find a long list of documentaries and podcasts that are relevant for political ecology, teaching it, and the field in general. We aim to continuously expand this list. If you have any Documentaries and Podcasts to share, please send them to

The descriptions to the documentaries contain keywords based on their theme, topic and geographic area, making it easier for you to locate a movie, if you are looking for something specific!


Into EternityNuclear waste management, future, energy, Finland, Europe
The psychosis of whiteness Racism, cultural representation, history, slave trade, identity
Anote’s ArkClimate refugees, rising sea levels, island states, New Zealand, Oceania
Keepers of the Future: La Coordinadora of El Salvadorascommunity organisation, local initiatives, El Salvador, Central America
Opening the earth: the potato kingmountains, tradition versus modernity, Andes, Peru, South America
Gender in Coffeewomen’s empowerment, masculinity, women’s coffee, sustainability, Mexico, US, North America
The Borneo Caselogging, indigenous peoples, high level corruption, deforestation, Indonesia, Southeast Asia
Burned: Are trees the new coalbiomass, climate, environmental justice, US, North America
Marathon for Justicechemical pollution, exploitation, environmental justice, environmental inequity, US, North America
When Two Worlds Collideindigenous peoples, environmental activism, economics, land, business, Amazon, Peru, South America
Big MenOil, exploitation, militants, US business, Ghana, Nigeria, Africa
Land GrabLand grab, urban farming, wealth and poverty, Detroit City, US, North America
CrudeOil, Indigenous People, law suit, Chevron, Celebrity, Energy, Ecuador, South America
Darwin’s NightmareFishing industry, poverty, nature, aid, arms, Mwanza, Tanzania. Africa
Virungagorillas, conservation, park rangers, poaching, Virunga National Park, Congo, Africa
Chasing Coralchoral bleaching, acidification, climate change, worldwide
Sun Come Uprising sea levels, small island states, climate refugees, climate change, Carteret Islands, Oceania
Gasland I

Gasland II
Fracking, natural gas, toxic pollution, environmental impacts, US, North America
Everyday Rebellionnonviolent protest, civil disobedience, peaceful protest, worldwide
Super Polluterspower plants, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, Indiana, US, North America
Seedseeds, patenting/licensing, protest, agrochemical companies, worldwide
The Island Presidentrising sea levels, political struggle, small island state, climate change, Maldives, South Asia
Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenasland grabbing, World Bank, farming, business, Ethiopia, Africa
The Doubt Machine Koch Brothers, oil industry, lobbying, climate regulation, US, North America
Marmato environmental struggle, Canadian Barrick, gold mining, Colombia, South America
The Smog of the Sea
A Plastic Ocean
plastic pollution, oceans, micro plastic, conservation, worldwide
Coal rush indigenous peoples, Environmental justice, community struggle, pollution and health hazards, coal mining, US, North America
The Micro debt micro-credit, debt, exploitation, poverty, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, worldwide
The carbon crooks EU carbon market, fraud, climate change, Denmark, Europe
Disruption climate crisis, industry interests, peoples’ climate march, worldwide
Hija de la laguna Mining, exploitation, protest march, Peru, South America
Under the dome Air pollution, corruption, China, Asia
I am Chut Wutty environmental struggle, rubber plantation, deforestation, Prey Lang Forest, Cambodia, Southeast Asia
A place without people protected areas, exclusion, displacement, indigenous peoples, Tanzania, Africa
Biutiful Cauntri environmental justice, waste disposal, pollution, disaster, political use of science, Italy, Europe
Come hell or high water: the battle of turkey creek environmental justice, corporate interests, self-determination, US, North America
Habilito debt, timber extraction, deforestation, Bolivia, South America
Fractured Country: An Unconventional Invasion communities, risk, invasive gas fields, Australia, Oceania
Eldorado mining, political protest, repression, Greece, Europe
Silas activism, illegal logging, resistance, Liberia, Africa
Awake, a dream for Standing Rock Standing Rock, oil, pipeline, conflict; peaceful protest, indigenous peoples, US, North America
Angry Inuk Greenpeace, seal hunting, indigenous communities, Greenland, Arctic
The condor and the eagle Indigenous leaders, climate justice, trans-continental journey, South and North America
In Our Hands Agroecology, food sovereignty, UK, Europe
We will win peace humanitarian aid, business, activism, Congo, Africa
Stealing Africa Copper mining, corruption, Zambia, Africa
Appetite for Destruction: The Palm Oil Diaries palm oil, industry, social and environmental impact, worldwide
Death by design Electronics industry, e-waste, environmental destruction, sustainability, worldwide
Time to choose Climate change, challenges, solutions, worldwide
Yasuni Man Oil, indigenous peoples, Amazon, Ecuador, South America
The Island and the Whales whale hunting, mercury, toxic bodies, Faroe Islands, Europe
The Last Guardians indigenous peoples, preservation, oil, Amazon, Ecuadorian, South America
Tomorrow climate change, environmentalism, local initiatives, farming, money, politics, worldwide
Time for GeographyInspiring, open-access geography educational videos
Make Way! The Kuno StoryLion reintroduction, conservation, displacement, Adivasi, resource politics, India, Asia
Make Way! The Kwari StoryDisplacement, micro-politics, local state, resistance, caste, India, Asia
Urban Futures in the India HimalayasSubaltern urbanization, urban growth, sanitation, informality, construction, commodification, India, Asia
EQUAL@AUDHuman ecology resource videos (assorted, open source) 
Made in Bangladeshdrama, exploitation, textile industry, slums, Bangladesh, Asia
Ongiconflict, humpback dolphins, artisanal fisheries, narrative of displacement and loss of fishing livelihoods, Tamil Nadu, India, Asia
Why is Vanilla So Expensivevanilla farmers, commodities, violence, theft, volatile markets, boom/bust, Madagascar, Africa
Natur Urbana – The Brachen of Berlinchanging vegetation, war-time destruction, geo-political division, urban transformation, Berlin, Germany, Europe
Shivershark finning, coastal livelihoods, Mozambique, Africa
One Table Two Elephants(free access), postcolonial ecologies, nature, urbanization, class, race, South Africa, Africa
Fairytales of GrowthClimate Change, Degrowth and System Change, young people, worldwide
Turning Livilihoods to Wastefree, urban waste, contested chain of value extraction, policy discussions, advocacy, South Africa, Africa
Moti Baghfarming, award-winning, poetry, Uttarakhand, India, Asia
Enough is Enoughalternatives, degrowth, enough economy, worldwide
Alberta Canada – Toxic (One; Two; Three)poisoned water, polluted air, rare cancer, oil sands, Alberta, Canada, North America
Geographies of Racial Capitalism with Ruth Wilson GilmoreAntipode online
David Harvey and the CityAntipode online
Walls and the Tigerrural community, land seizure, capitalisation, protest, activism, India, Asia
Nero’s Guestsfarmer suicide, faulty government, corporate and IMF WB policies, India, Asia


KPFA Against the GrainIn-depth analysis and commentary on a variety of matters — political, economic, social, and cultural — important to progressive and radical thinking and activism. Against the Grain is co-produced and co-hosted by Sasha Lilley and C.S. Soong.
David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist ChroniclesDavid Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles is a bimonthly podcast that looks at capitalism through a Marxist lens.
In CommonExplores the connections between humans, their environment and each other through stories told by scholars and practitioners. In-depth interviews and methods webinars explore interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work on commons governance, social-ecological resilience, and sustainability.
AntipodAntipod is a radical geography podcast and sound collective. This podcast is intended for anyone interested in and committed to life and liberation around the planet. Antipod amplifies and harmonizes with vital perspectives on how to get free and stay free. Antipod is a polyvocal podcast that takes place across geographically dispersed localities.
Hidden carbon costs of the US military’s drive to control fossil fuel supplycarbon emissions, militarisation, fossil fuels, war, US, North America
The Edge EffectsThe Edge Effects podcast features interviews with scholars, scientists, activists, and artists who engage with questions of environmental and cultural change. 
New Books in Environmental StudiesInterviews with environmental scientists about their new books
BIOSEC & BUBBLES SERIES Ep.1: LUXURY AND THE ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADEIn their first podcast, Hannah DickinsonTeresa Lappe-Osthege and Laure Joanny discuss the caviar and songbird trade, unpicking the status of the songbird and caviar products often illegally harvested and consumed as luxury delicacies in Europe.
BIOSEC & BUBBLES Ep.2: RESEARCHING WILDLIFE CRIME, FROM NATIONAL PARKS TO HIGH-RISE BUILDINGSIn their second podcast, Rosaleen Duffy and Francis Massé share their experience of following responses to issues labelled as wildlife crime and maintaining a dialogue with conservation practitioners and policy makers.
The Belt and Road InitiativeA podcast that covers the latest news, research and analysis of China’s growing presence in the developing world.
EXALT PodcastJoin hosts Christopher Chagnon and Sophia Hagolani-Albov and their guests on the last Friday of each month for a discussion of the impacts of extractivisms, alternative ways forward, and stories from people living the struggle every day. If you are someone interested in how our environment and societies have come to their current state or learning about different ways we can move forward, this is the podcast for you.