POLLEN Principles

  1. POLLEN is the Political Ecology Network, a network of sovereign (academic, activist or other) ‘nodes’ that study, teach and practice political ecology.

  2. These nodes are really what POLLEN is all about: autonomous groups of political ecologists working in and on different traditions.

  3. POLLEN was founded in 2015 by a group of European nodes though considers itself a global network; nodes from all over the world are welcome to join POLLEN.

  4. The purpose of POLLEN is to provide a platform for the ‘cross-fertilization’ of ideas where many rich, diverse traditions can come together, discuss, and debate the latest developments in the field.

  5. POLLEN was established mainly to coordinate between but also to support the various nodes in ensuring that political ecology messages, lessons and insights are shared, broadcasted and heard more widely.

  6. POLLEN chooses to govern itself in a horizontal, non-hierarchical, structure as much as possible.

  7. One of the main goals of POLLEN is to hold a biennial conference, starting in July 2016.

  8. The secretariat of POLLEN will be held for two years by the node(s) that organized the last conference. The tasks of the secretariat are to facilitate communication, membership and to maintain the website.

  9. The POLLEN website was set up in such a way that all nodes can use this platform by themselves as much as possible, in particular to be visible as political ecologists and to post news and blogs.