This page is awaiting your input! If you know of any resources that can inspire and help us moving conference panels, workshops, teaching, etc. online, please share them with us on: politicalecologynetwork@gmail.com

Page Author(s)
Resources on online ethnographyAnthropology Matters
So You Want to Host a Twitter Conference…Jessica DeWitt
UNC Chapel Hill Principles during the corona crisisBrandon Bayne
English, Catalan and Spanish resources on investigation and communication on developmentAlba Sud
GO-FOX tool for teaching teaching political ecology of conservation in an interactive wayFuture of Conservation
Tutorials for virtual teaching and learningUniversity of Antioquia
ZOOM: for online webinars, conference calls, teaching and live stream teaching

A Zoom webinar tutorial from DRIFT available here.
Mediasite Desktop Recorder: for online teaching, not live-streamed. Allows pre-recording lectures and post them online. Can switch between recording desktop, i.e. powerpoint presentation, and a camera on me, or other documents you wish to show students from my desktop, such as articles, white papers, you tube clips etc.
Ferraz de Oliveira, A., ed. (2020). Resources for remote research in
Human Geography. (crowd-sourced document). Available here.
Ferraz de Oliveira, A.
Lupton, D. (editor) (2020) Doing fieldwork in a pandemic (crowd-sourced document). Available here. Lupton, D.
Conducting feminist research during lockdown. Available here.