WASS-SDC workshop in Wageningen: Ontological encounters

WASS (Wageningen School of Social Sciences)-SDC (Sociology of Development and Change) workshop: Ontological encounters: methodological challenges in fieldwork

On the occasion of the public defence by Annet Pauwelussen on 5 April 2017 at 1.30 pm of her PhD entitled: Amphibious Anthropology. Engaging with Maritime Worlds in Indonesia.

Introduction by Professor Dr Leontine Visser (SDC)

Presentation by Dr Cristobal Bonelli (UNESCO-IHE, Delft): Ethnographers of the otherwise: Ontological differences and silence beyond epistemology

Presentation by Dr Clemens Driessen (WUR-Cultural Geography): Ontologies in the field: pigs, meat and the ambivalence of ambiguity or the other way around

Presentation by Dr Michael Fabinyi (Technical University, Sydney): Fieldwork challenges in maritime anthropology: a political ecology perspective

General discussion with presenters and Dr Gerard Verschoor


Date:  4 April 2017

Time: 15.15-17.30 hrs

Place: Room C81, Leeuwenborch

Wageningen University, the Netherlands

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