Grabbing Green? The institutionalization of the green economy in Tanzania


Written by Jill Tove Buseth

Policies increasingly discuss technological and financial aspects of the green transition, particularly in the global North. Less attention has been paid to the ways in which the green economy is being implemented in the global South, as well as to the governance implications of these green transitions. While the green economy in the global North often focuses on technological innovation in the energy sector, the green economy in the global South often infers transformed control over natural resources. Initiatives such as carbon and biodiversity offsetting, REDD+ and wildlife conservation are all examples of this. The green economy is also increasingly merged with investments aiming to increase productivity in the agriculture sector in Africa – also known as the ‘New Green Revolution’ in Africa.

IMG_2866 From the SAGCOT annual forum field trip to Songea, Tanzania, March 2017.   Photo: Jill T. Buseth

At 2012’s Rio+20, representatives from the Tanzanian government…

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