PhD Course ‘Mitigating Climate Change: The Politics of Net Zero and Carbon Removal’

PhD Course (7.5 ECTS credits) ‘Mitigating Climate Change: The Politics of Net Zero and Carbon Removal’, 13-17 June, 2022, Copenhagen.

In this 5-day intensive course, students will be acquainted with the promises and pitfalls of ‘net zero’ mitigation
pathways and the technologies that are supposed to help bring these about. The course gives students a critical
overview of the current net zero conversation against the background of the history of climate politics, and goes into
some of the main tendencies, tensions and opportunities that characterize net zero pathways. It mainly draws on
conceptual tools in the fields of political economy, political ecology and science and technology studies.

Lecturers will be Holly Jean Buck, University of Buffalo, US; Wim Carton, Lund University, Sweden; Inge-Merete Hougaard, Lund University, Sweden; Jens Friis Lund, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Nils Markusson, Lancaster University, UK; and Camila Moreno, Humboldt University, Germany.

Course participants should be enrolled in a PhD program and can be at any stage of their studies. Participants will need to submit a draft essay prior to the start of the course. This essay will be discussed with colleagues and lecturers during the course.

A €100 course fee will be charged. Participants are expected to pay for their own travel and accommodation. Participation will be capped at about 20 students.

To apply send a 1-page CV & 1-page motivation letter, to: and, DEADLINE 15 January 2022. The letter should describe the PhD project and specify its relation to the theme of the course.

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